Sunday, July 11, 2010

the "i'm with stupid" awards

last night on, there was an article on mel gibson's mistress seeking legal protection because she was afraid her boyfriend would hurt her. because mel gibson is crazy.

this article, along with 2010's disturbing trend of The Other Woman Making Millions, prompted me to start something that i'd like your input on: the "i'm with stupid" award.

the "i'm with stupid" award is distinction reserved for women who sleep with "stupid" : aka, a married celebrity. stupid is the male celebrity who sleeps around. thus, "i'm with stupid" is the woman who ACCEPTS the sexual proposition of a married celebrity.

i mean, HELLO MCFLY! it could be that i'm so chalk full of wacko-christian-right doctrine that i really don't understand how an arrangement like this can occur. what motivates a woman to sleep with a married celebrity? i really don't think it has anything to do with love or respect. i think it's probably something more to do with greed, selfishness, ADDICTION and an all-consuming hunger to become FAMOUS once the affair gets out in the open.

now, i don't think that mel gibson's girlfriend deserves what she got, and it's not cool that she's fearing for her life and safety. i'm just hoping that her and tons of other women are looking inward and saying, "i'm NEVER going to sleep with a married man, especially especially ESPECIALLY if it's a high-profile, powerful, A-list celebrity who has a history of anti-semitism and violence. i'm going to look for dating options that are more APPROPRIATE instead of looking for a rich and UNSTABLE SUGAR DADDY." HELLO MCFLY, how hard is it to do a GOOGLE or WIKI search to see if the man is still married.

what BOGGLES my mind is that the media is EATING UP these ladies and putting them into REALLY SWEET JOBS! please see this month's issue of glamour. One of Jesse James's tattooed other women, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, was offered a $500-an-hour modeling contract. Rachel Uchitel, a nightclub exec, received $10 MILLION after her affair. The swimsuit model Jamie Jungers won $75k in a beauty contest. Who'd these ladies sleep with? Oh, how about TIGER WOODS. and that beauty contest? the other contestants were ALL TEAM TIGER MISTRESSES.

i'm not done yet. ex-call girl Ashley Dupre was Eliot Spitzer's other woman. now, she's got an appearance on THE VIEW and is an advice columnist on THE NEW YORK POST! does she even have any journalism training????

i'm so SICK of it!! i'd like to hear your opinions on the matter and get your nominations for the "i'm with stupid" award. and i'd love to see the use and abuse of the CAPS LOCK, just like i've done.


mrs. meg

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Jendar said...

and these women are not even that pretty. they're all so gross looking.