Tuesday, July 6, 2010

smug marrieds

oh no! i feel that my wonderful hubby and i have become a smug married couple.

i tried to find the clip from "bridget jones diary" where she goes to the dinner party with all the smug married couples, and she gets subjected to all the dating advice from the smug married couples.

and, after bestowing advise and/or inquiring about 3 singles friends dating lives in as many days, i think i qualify as an--oh no!--smug married couple that my single friends can't relate to anymore and get irked by.

to any single friends that i have shot well-meaning but poorly timed dating advise to--please come back to me! i love you and only dispense advice because i hope to see you happily married someday soon, because marriage is a great institution.

it's riddled with great moments where your significant other may spontaneously burst into dance to this song:

ps DO check out the book "the girl with the dragon tattoo." the protagonist heroine, i firmly believe, will one day be in a cult film called lisbeth vs. laura croft, and angelina jolie and noomi rapace will duke it out until only one is standing. i'm listening to the book on mp3, and it's deliciously long enough to take several days of work to get through. and, it's so interesting and exciting that i hardly notice the time go by. do it!

1 comment:

Shan said...

No worries, you are not a smug married. Quite the opposite really. I would gladly accept any dating advice from you missah meagahn! :)