Saturday, August 14, 2010

mr & mrs manager

we are now living rent-free in koreatown.

cole & i became resident managers at an apartment complex in koreatown, a neighborhood in east LA. white people are few and far between, but we're excited about our free apartment with new hardwood floors, granite-counter-top kitchen, and two bedroom/two bath. we have a small balcony and just got some plants to add. korean bbq places are EVERYWHERE, which is great because that happens to be cole's favorite food group.

it's great news, and after a trying month that included night classes 3 times a week, interviews, doctor's appointments, moving, cleaning, and endless boxes, it's really nice to relax and enjoy the place.

it's nice to have a new place, because it's beautiful, and something to look forward to each day. unfortunately, my financial aid situation is still difficult to go back to school, so i must wait another semester. that is trying. i really long and ache to return to school to work on a nursing degree, after sloughing through a terrible job market last year, and feeling stuck in an unsatisfying job this year. i know it could be a lot worse, and i have a lot to be thankful for, so i dare not complain. it's just something i am dealing with.

in happier news, though, i just cleared all the boxes out of our bedroom today. it looks like i will get to color my hair after church tomorrow instead of doing 7 loads of laundry like i did last week. and "scott pilgram vs. the world", "eat pray love" and "the other guys" are all in theatres, and all look worth watching. i have a souffle dish so i can make one for sunday dinner.

life really is good.

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