Thursday, September 24, 2009

i'm so friggin' happy i could pop

it's been awhile since i've posted. there are several good reasons for that.  my life has taken a lot of twists and turns the past few months, but i feel that my life is in a very good place currently.

since my last post, i've gone through a torrent in regards to employment. back in may, i was hired as a preschool teacher at an early intervention center. the plan was for the center to open in either late june or early july. well, after several stressful delays, the center finally opened the last week of july. it was stressful for me, and all involved, as i watched my savings deplete and actively went between deciding if i should find new work or just hold on until the center opened. i was very tense and anxious for several weeks and even had a panic attack after a job interview which turned out to be a sales position, and i realized this in the middle of the interview.

finally, i was good to go as a teacher at the early intervention preschool. i was excited about the job and worked hard to conceal the anxiety i had felt towards the job and the company for the past several weeks. i did what i thought was the best i could do, given the directions i had been given and the expectations of the company. i didn't even finish out a full two weeks when i was fired. they weren't pleased with the way i lead classroom activities and some of the safety guidelines were not being followed carefully enough, they said.


but this post is not about struggle. this post is about triumph. a few weeks later, i started an intensive 3-week course towards becoming a certified nursing assistant. though science is not my strong point, i knew that cna's were in demand, and the opportunity to get a lot of hours were possible. after a challenging three weeks for me, i completed the course successfully. my last day of class, i was offered a job with the eye center company that my youngest brother worked for as a records clerk. the pay and the hours are the same as the preschool job, and the commute is much better, and i have more confidence in the company.

i'm very happy. i'm happy to have this job, i'm happy to have completed my cna course. i'm happy to be with my boyfriend, cole, who i'm currently visiting in los angeles. he makes me very happy and smiley. i'm very grateful for the aid that heavenly father, my family and my friends have given me the past few months to help sustain me through this period of dry employment. life feels very delicious.

love you all.

xo, megs. 


Shan said...

Hoorah!!!! I'm so entirely and completely happy for you! Girl, we need to catch up! Do you still have skype? Or would email be better? Love you!

Connie said...

Megan!! I'm so happy for you!! I'm really glad to hear life is going well! ^_^

Jendar said...

yay!!!! im glad everything is sooo good now! we need to catch up! xo!