Tuesday, October 20, 2009

to do list

~as of 10PM on 10/20/09.........

* practice, study and pass NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) test on Saturday.
*work at eye center, monday-friday
*workout four times between now and this Saturday evening.
*prepare meals for the next day
*pack for weekend w/ wuver cole.man. in LA for 10/30 -- 11/2
*possibly babysit Saturday night
*workout 4 - 5 X following week
*scriptures and spiritual study, everyday.
*buy a special cord i'm missing for my bulk USB port to work and my computer can stop having anxiety attacks about low disc space.
*toastmasters: write a speech to give in two weeks, practice, esp in speech therapy
*update and up-hip blog.
*recolor hair, bleach teeth (eg: weekend wiff wuver man)
*actively control and creatively direct energy and lust for new clothes and boots into one new pair of jeans.
*start hinting and suggesting to parents that all i need for christmas is a killer pair of low-heeled, leather boots.
*stalk postmen in case my blue beehive wig doesn't arrive in WA in time for me to wear to the office on 10/30, buy backup plan at Walmart. actively restrict and direct energy and lust for crazy costume eyelashes into one other pair.
*dinner with h.s. b.f. kerri next thursday. bring side dish to share and something that will make her little boys love me like some halloween crafty things at the dollar store.
*oh yeah. eat.

and lastly......dum duh DA!!!!!!!!

*upload this song unto itunes and share with amigos, amis, and pung-yos:

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Shan said...

You make me so incredibly happy! I totally miss you! Good luck accomplishing everything on your list. Lists just make me feel so much better. Hey, do you have time sometime to have a chat fest? I feel like it's needed (or at least I want to know what's going on in your life). Love you mucho!