Sunday, July 5, 2009

i recently had my 25th birthday. my friends, with whom i made a short film for a ysa film contest, helped make it special.

we've become a little family, these friends and i, and i'm really grateful for their company. i'm also grateful for the friendship and attention of a friend whose charms have nursed a serious crush, and it's all i can do to not jeapordize my safety or standing with the law to get to los angeles. had i not been so ill this 4th of july, i would have spent it working a fair if one of those stands would have had me, or walked around dressed as cupid with a donation jar and a shirt saying "donations for a heartsick fool to see her crush" or something like that.

but anyway.

it's their friendships that has helped make life sweet and enjoyable, as the job situation is nothing short of aggravating. i was offered employment at an early intervention center as a teacher for a year, but as the place is just opening and the development is very raw, the opening has been delayed for over a month. worse things have happened in the grand scheme of employment, but to someone who is trying to make some major decisions on returning to school, paying off the *%#@ credit card, etc, etc, etc, a month makes a pretty big difference.

i'm 25 and it's probably time to get serious about this career stuff. and that's what i'm doing. i just need a few months of income from full-time work to get this debt behind me, and then i'm moving forward with educational pursuits.

i'm also figuring that it's time for me to do some major physical feat as well, like running a marathon or something like that. the idea of running that much isn't that appealing, so we'll have to figure something out that's equally monumental but a little more enjoyable for me than running that much. any suggestions????

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Jendar said...

first of all, im glad you are posting again.
second, HAPPY BDAY!
third, like you I also need to exercise more. i was ding a lot of yoga before coming to italy but ive stopped. in the other hand ive been running again (as my knee is feeling better) and im thinking of doing a half marathon. which doesnt seem as tedious as a full marathon. should we train for one???