Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the things i know

1. i don't know what kind of job i want that will help me get to the next phase of life.

2. i'm lonely. send me a date, please.

3. about $600 is all i need to pay off a damn credit card.

4. utah isn't looking so bad again. can i live there???


Shan said...

Megs, I know how you feel! Good for you for getting your credit card down that low. You're awesome. About the date thing...I can always ask my mom about eligible bachelors in the Sammamish area. She always likes hooking people up (I don't let her play match-maker with my life, but maybe I should). And I totally know how you feel about Utah. But just make sure you think of all the reasons why you wanted to leave before you move back. It's another world down there. :) Love you!

Jendar said...

i like SLC so why not?

Jendar said...

post again!!!