Monday, April 13, 2009

team budget.

the problem with a budget is that it just isn't sexy enough.

that's why our economy is in the pits, folks. because our public view of team budget is of the sickly-pale, 90-lbs weaklings that play with Eewok figurines instead of friends.

team credit, on the other hand, is full of glamorous and dramatic people like, i'm guessing, lindsey lohan, paris hilton, snoop dogg, wesley snipes. people who are dramatic and glamorous and, yes, also very messy in terms of a public view.

we need budgets, or at least people who budget, who have ripped abs, designer clothes, and fake tans. or at least someone with a presence and a commanding voice. like dave ramsey! or... the new boss on "the office." right??

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Erin Shaw said...

I agree. I had never thought about it in that way. I am on Team Budget although I wish I could presumably be on the Team Credit. Although Team Credit sucks if you then cannot pay for it. Made that mistake before. So Team Budget it is for a while. :) thanks for posting. XOXOXOXO