Monday, January 12, 2009

the best of 2008

my life today definitely wouldn't be the same without taiwan. even though i am back in the states, the memories of my experiences in taiwan have made me happier than i have been in a long time. for this post, i'm including a list of my favorite quotes from my time in taiwan, and the best quote from today. gotta look into the future, as always.....

"miss megan, i 100 like you!" -felix, upon seeing me produce a bunch of tinsel pipe cleaners to make christmas tree decorations with.

miss connie: "...and on thursday, your parents will be coming to english school to watch your class. now, we all want to be on good behavior for our parents, right?"
simon: "no! i want to be bad!"

"miss megan, i wanna hear your rock and roll!" -king

"why he [ipod] have song? there is little man inside, he sing song, yeah?" felix, asking about how my ipod worked

"excuse me, may i ask, who is parson brown?" a fellow choraler for the wu chan stake christmas pageant, after jessica and i taught about 50 taiwanese people how to sing "winter wonderland"

"don't i look beautiful?" the 14-year-old fellow choraler for the last performance of the wu chan stake christmas pageant.

me: "good afternoon children! welcome to kindgergarden. how are you today?"
cynthia: "i feel so good."

"hey megan, how do you like your new president, butt-rock obama?"

"oh, you mean, like, take a s%^&?"

talkative thomas: "all my daughters, MIT."
jessica, shannon, and i: "oh, your daughters went to college in Massachussets?"
talkative thomas: "no, all my daughters, Made In Taiwan."

"i love you like a fat kid loves cake."

"i love you just as the fatty loves the cake."

talkative thomas: "three things you must do everyday for good health. me, i do this, stand on train, six hours, no problem. one, you must jump up and down one hundred times, six times, a day. six hundred times a day, jump up and down. two, you must point and relax your feet. three, you must hit your stomach with your fist when you go to the bathroom. Number one and number two, you must do this."

"mushi mushi mushi. piang!"

"i is thomas. choo choo! ching-chong ching-chong ching-chong." - jeremy

"you have grandma? give you [a piece of chocolate for her]. you have grandpa? give you [a piece of chocolate for him]." - king

"my daddy have camera so see your picture on the computer, so i cannot miss you." - benjamin

the best quote made in 2009 so far was definitely made by a 4-year-old: "this is my best magic trick." and then hid under the table.


Jendar said...

these quotes are soooo funny!!! im so glad you had a great time in taiwan! so i guess you are back. what are your plans now?

Shan said...

I love it! So many great memories! I miss it like crazy! I'm so glad that we got together yesterday. I meant to tell you that for x-mas, my mom bought me this book called Chinglish. Needless to say it's awesome! Love you like a fat kid loves cake! :)