Sunday, December 28, 2008

is it really december 28th? am i really going to board a plane in 4 days and leave behind taiwan, berhan, the kids, the temples, the noodles, the chopsticks, the tights, the scooters, everything that makes up taiwan????

yes, it's true. but i've made my final memories of taiwan very pleasant indeed.

i have not written because the christmas season has simply taken up too much time. three christmas programs in one day, then extra caroling the day after the semester ended, then cleaning to do, then five glorious days of travel.

if you go to taiwan, you simply must go to sun moon lake. and you must also go to kaioshiong. you must also simply stay with a family that lives in taiwan if you can. their hospitality simply blows america out of the water. one family took in a group of five young american adults for two nights: they treated us like family they hadn't seen in years. we slept in their beds, they paid for all of our meals, they drove us to tourist spots we wanted to see. they invited us to the baptism of two new members and a dinner afterwards, and hilarity ensued.

i am learning how to say in chinese: "i love you like a fat kid loves cake!"

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