Sunday, March 1, 2009

to do list

my friend jendar has been a rather gutsy and hip writer as of late; as has cousin h. i need to get back to the blog, part of my writer's voice draws a lot from this outlet, but between working around 50 hours a week, exersicing, spiritual responsabilities, family events, and transitioning into a new social scene, things are just busy for me.

the life though, is very very excellent.

things to do for blog:
1. find a new blog picture. i need to replace the little buddhist statues with something more seattle-ite, urban, sophisticated, part granola, part rock n' roll, part completely normal girl.
2. write witty remarks about the new hot yoga studio in town.
3. post pictures of baby bro's graduation from marine bootcamp.
4. explore opinion of inspiration-sucking "twilight" series.
5. create new signature parting.


1 comment:

Jendar said...

welcome back to blogging. im soooo glad you are writing again. we need to talk miss. what are you doing these days? where do you work?