Sunday, September 28, 2008

my furry friend

there is a morose bulldog that lives next door. he is short-chained to a metal doghouse. his toenails are horribly overgrown. there are sores on the bottom of his feet. his eyes are red and bloodshot. he is one of the saddest creatures i have ever met. i mean, look at his coat? for some reason the picture wouldn't upload as rotated even when i did rotate it on my computer. but it gives you the idea of how sad a creature this bulldog is.i can't stand to see him looking so sad, so i've taken it upon myself to go and pet him frequently. i think it makes him really happy to have someone stratch him and pay attention to him. he is the filthiest living creature i have ever met. and his cute little face makes him really endearing.
i'm going to go ask the owners if i can have permission to give him a bath and occassionally take him for walks.
love, megan and lucky

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Connie said...

Lucky has the cutest tongue. lol. He's so stinkin' cute. poor puppy