Monday, September 22, 2008

happy autumn

did you know that on september 21st, the first day of autumn, you can stand an egg up all by itself, due to all the gravitational pulls of the moon on the equinox and a lot of other scientific explanations that i really couldn't put in intelligent terms without spending 10 hours researching it? but it makes for some cool pics.


Connie said...

The last photo is just really beautiful, on the ledge. ^_^ sorry I missed the egg-standing-up-on-its-end party.

Rachel Z said...

I'm so sad I missed trying that out! I just wrote it in the planner for next fall equinox: Sept 22, 2009 Stand egg on its end.

(Not a joke, it's really written.. And I'll def think of you when I do it!)

- 'Dash' said...

I love your photo right at the top Megs.