Monday, September 22, 2008

i heart taiwan

here is just one more reason to be in love with taiwan.

i've been on a fresh manicure/pedicure kick lately, and this is greatly facilitated by having nail polish remover. so off my roommate and i went to the watsons drugstore to find some. easy purchase, right? you're in, you're out, you're done.

um, not so much.

my roommate and i must have spent about forty five minutes in this drug store, scrupulizing every aisle and meticulously inspecting every bottle that could be, possibly be, in anyway would be, nail polish remover. Due to our inability to read chinese, nothing was obvious as to whether or not it was nail polish remover unless the brand was american. i even checked out the french beauty products.

well, we found just about everything else you can imagine before my roommate found the nail polish remover. for instance, varities of skin whitening lotion out the whazoo--no offense to any of my taiwanese friends that actually covet and compliment my pale northern european epidermus. yeah, mom, it's cool to be pale in canada and in taiwan! but anyhow.

during our meticulous probing of the watsons department store, we also half a dozen different kinds of eyelash curlers, and more varieties of tweezers than i thought possible. socks. underwear. prenatal pills. candy. ace bandages. even some hair dye for white people.

then, we stumbled upon the product that made the experience worth blogging: a bucket of nipple tape. really. nipple tape. the packets even told us in english. have you ever seen that for sale in an american drugstore? i thought nipple tape was the kind of thing you could buy only in hollywood. and yet, STILL, no nail polish remover.

connie convinced me to have the guts to do some kind of asking a salesperson where it would be, which included pointing at my painted nails and making a rubbing motion and i offered something like, "for taking this off." she pointed downstairs where we once again scoured the place.

"OK," i said, "one last round upstairs, and then it's time to move on with life."

amazingly, connie found some. the nail polish remover was right at the entrance of the store on the bottom floor. i mean like, right at the entrance of the store, the place that i don't like to wander because i don't like to look like i'm about to pick something off the shelf and then wander off with it in my purse. not that i would do that. but do you know what i mean?

so it was right at the entrance of the store. on the very bottom shelf. next to items completely unrelated to any of the other dozens of nail products that flowered the store. at least we know exactly where to find nipple tape, should we ever need some. easy purchase, right? you're in, you're out, you're done.


Connie said...

lol. Yay for nipple tape!

Rachel Z said...

Hahah, nipple tape, how random! I had the same struggles searching for nail polish remover in Jerusalem this summer. (Note to self: include remover in my travel case from now on..) I also had to go to a computer electronics store to buy a blow dryer. Seriously? Not at the drug store with the shampoo and hair dye galore? No way, that would be way too convenient. Look what living with Walmart has done to me :-)

Glad you're having fun. You're one of my favorite people to check up on.