Thursday, September 18, 2008

bowling for berhan

the other night some of us went bowling. and we got to eat some costco cake. with chopsticks. we got a little crazy, probably from spending too much time inside due to a typhoon stealing all of the good parts of the weekend. but where else can you be giddy if not at a bowling ally?

while it was fabulous to eat costco cake with chopsticks, i think my favorite parts of the evening were teaching karen, my taiwanese friend who teaches me chinese, the american phrase "what the heck" and making her use it in a sentence, and then bursting out into songs we sing with our kindergarden children. i need to watch my back because i think rachelle is plotting to get me back for slapping her so playfully hard on the thigh.

wo men ai ni,
the berhan family

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Jendar said...

they have costcos in taiwan? what the heck! that's awesome. i hope all is well.