Sunday, May 16, 2010

meggy crocker

as a wedding gift, i received a betty crocker "heart healthy" edition cookbook. in the spirit of the movie "julie & julia", i've decided to cook through this book---once a week. i don't really have the grocery budget, or the desire to do an enormous amount of cooking everyday like in "julie & julia", but i loved that adoreable movie and thought it was a really great idea. so look for sunday dinner "meggy crocker" blogs about the recipes, the tastes, and the challenges.

another aspect that's appealing about betty crocker is that it brings to mind another interest i've been having lately: pinups from the 40s and 50s. i'm digging it as an art form, and thinking that learning to draw some pinups could really be fun.

this weekend indulged me in some baking: i was nostalgic for a cake that an old roommate used to make us. she called it "better than sex" cake or "score" cake as a euphemism, and it also works because the recipe calls for 3-4 crushed skor bars as a topping. so i made the cake last night, reveled in the memories, and the calories, and am now thinking i'd better make some fast friends to get rid of the cake if i don't want the whole thing to show up on my hips next week. my favorite memory of this cake involves the home teachers that my roommates and i had at the time. they were very funny guys, took their calling very seriously. one home teacher wore his hair kind of long and wore a leather fanny pack that he called a "bum bag" and said trendy men were wearing them in england, where he served his mission. when this cake was served to him, he said, "i'm giving this to my new wife on my wedding night and telling her this is what you get."

hit me up for score cake recipe, it's actually pretty easy.

xoxoxo, mrs. megs

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Shan said...

I LOVE it! I remember you telling me about fanny pack man. PS, I'm glad you're blogging again. I've missed it! Luvs.