Tuesday, May 4, 2010

me & my lovie here in LA

it's been forever since i've written. now that the wedding's over, most of the thank you notes are sent out, and cole's finals are winding down, i feel like i have some time to write and some space to breathe.

cole & i live in a two-bedroom apartment close to the culver city area. there are lots of great restaurants within walking distance, and sony pictures studio is also within walking distance, come to think. there are trader joes and ross galore. most nights though, we're heavy into netflix or the wii. with the weather improving, we should be getting out more.

we are nursery leaders in our new ward. we have about a dozen boisterous little babies. thankfully, there are lots of other adults to help out with nursery. the rowdy kids take to cole like a duck to water. he is just the outlet they are looking for: someone who will let them be playful, active and silly.

we were also asked to give talks in sacrament recently. i hate public speaking, it is my worst fear, but i've done some work with it and i prayed for a lot of help with the talk, and actually delivered it and finished it! it was a real personal triumph for me. cole is really good at talking off the top of his head, so he wrote his in sacrament meeting while we stood on the stand. i'm glad he's the one going into the industry that demands sheer confidence in oneself and giving thank you presentations, and not me!

i'm preparing to return to school for nursing. i'm still unsure of my class load, as i work full time right now and haven't gotten financial aid completely set up. but a few classes at a time would be great. my current job is pretty boring. i don't interact with other people very much, which i'd like to do more of. so to pass the time i've been listening to tons of podcasts and audiobooks. have some great freebie recommendations for anyone interested.

we somehow wound up with two subscriptions to rolling stone magazine this year. i'm kind of a mag junkie so i of course revel in it, but so far rolling stone has yet to feature any sexy women on the cover. the only people to not have their shirt off was eric clapton with jeff beck, who are british guitar gods in their 60s. but otherwise, it's been full of shirtless men, and cole doesn't like it, and i find that cute and i'm also surprised that R.S. hasn't found any women to feature. on the other hand, women are on the covers of hundreds of other magazines so i'm OK if R.S. is trying to claim some territory for masculinity. oh wait, the cast of glee was on it, and the brunette chick's skirt was flying up. OK. i stand corrected. but this issue it's robert downey jr.

so anyhow. other thoughts from me are that i've decided to do some more writing. i have a few ideas, and not enough time to tackle them all at once. i want to do more creative writing, more drawing, more exercising, and more studying! it sounds terribly nerdy but after working lots of jobs that aren't intellectually stimulating, i feel it's time to return to school for some job skills, and some mental stimulation!


mrs. megs


Shan said...

Love it Mrs. Megs! I'm so glad I was able to be there for it all. Love you!

Juli and Brett said...

I LOVE your wedding pics Megan! Amazing and totally you! I would love to see more!!!!!!!