Sunday, November 16, 2008

never say never

awhile ago i was walking the street of a busy taiwanese market when my friend stopped me and said, "that's the modern toilet restaurant." there is a restaurant in taichung that is toilet-themed. i thought i was above such humor, but curiosity got the better of me this week and asked to go. so we went wednesday night. the food was pretty good once you get past the gross-out factor of toilets everywhere. in fact, the restaurant was quite nice-looking.

i also never thought that i would seek out things like footless tights but yet, i am wearing a pair of bright pink ones today and i really dig them. the girls of would shudder at me but hey, i don't think they've lived in asia.

i also didn't think i would be spending as much time as i do lying in bed, trying to regain energy that a group of extremely bright, very boisterous, and insanely cute 5-year-olds tends to zap from me, but alas i do. so i spend more time at home than i'd prefer, but i am taking up the hobbies of oragami and drawing to keep myself entertained. i bought books on each subject. they are in chinese, which makes the oragami one really really tricky but you just need to look at the pictures for the drawing one.
never did i anticipate needing subtitles for an american movie, but lo and behold, the gals and i drooled over daniel craig in the new 007 flick and didn't understand a good part of the dialogue because it was in spanish! or russian! or german!! so go figure that i'm sitting in a chinese theatre where are the subtitles are in chinese and the taiwanese are understanding the movie more than i am. hmmmm....

last weekend i went and saw wild monkeys. well, these monkeys were as tame as wild monkeys can get, but i got some pictures next to monkeys that weren't in a cage or anything. that was pretty cool. i was worried for awhile that i wouldn't get the chance.

i didn't get any of my own pictures about this next adventure, but it definitely deserves a blog post. all the kids in school got to experience an EARTHQUAKE TRUCK! SO COOL!!!

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