Thursday, September 4, 2008

taipei weekend

last friday was karen's birthday. my roommate jessica and i made her a cake, and the idea came to me to make her some oragami to put on top to decorate. well, the oragami was a lot trickier than anticipated. we wanted to do an oragami of her zodiac year, but turns out we got the year wrong. karen is year of the rabbit, not year of the tiger. whoops. all the same, karen had a birthday cake with an oragami tiger made out of construction paper.

last weekend we took a trip up to taipei to attend the temple. we didn't have much time to soak in taipei, but we saw what we could.

after our trip to get something to eat and some photo opportunities, the rest of the group went back. i stayed behind to stay with my friend andrea, and attended a multi-stake singles dance that night. and it was SUCH a BLAST! everyone was incredibly friendly, warm, welcoming, and so charming! the taiwanese are such an inclusive people. we had wonderful, great fun, and i made quite a few new friends. hurray!

love, the miss megan

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