Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my taste twin

my roommate shannon is my taste twin. this means that we have the same taste in exactly everything important: the gospel, music, clothes, reads, and even men. we even own a pair of the exact same shoes and know several people in common, including my cousin who served in her mission.
unreal, huh?

so our last FHE was a lip-syncing of sorts. our room, 401, represents the kind of edgy, arty, angsty type of taste in music, so we dressed in punk attire, ratted our hair or found wigs in the supply closet, decorated ourselves with marker tattooes, and rocked it to guns n roses.

it really just was a vain way for me to put all these outlandish fantasies of being a rock star into some sort of textile, kentic experiment. all the same, i think shannon and i do a good job of giving a nod to the band.

love to my sweet friends o' mine,

megan as axel rose and shannon as slash

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Shan said...

My dear taste twin...I love it! I'm so glad that we met and that we're sharing this Taiwan experience together. Seriously I do. I think you are fabulous!