Tuesday, July 22, 2008

this is the night we've waited for....

f.h.e. theme song: this is the night we've waited for. always a treat we have in store. we love each other more and more with every family night. stories and games for everyone. learning the gospel can be fun. mother and father, daughter, son together on family night.
since we are a family of twenty-somethings here at berhan language institute, we have family home evening on monday nights. and one day i was in a bookstore with one berhanian and was instantly reminded of this f.h.e. i did my freshman year. so, this is how the story unravels:

this is how you make pudding in taiwan.

1. pour into 500c.c. or 600c.c. of boiling water.
2. stir and melt it with a bag of pudding powder, and then make it boil again ,(sic) it will be more tastable.
3. then, pour into pudding cup.
4. add raisins or small pieces of sweetmeats.
5. it will be a good pudding after cooling and getting congealed.
6. it will be more delicious to put it on refrigerator for refrigeration.

so after being put in the refrigerator for refrigeration, the pudding had all the look and consistency of tofu. so we wouldn't smear it on a twister board as easily as hoped, but we did it and played pudding twister nonetheless.
like i said, stories and games for everyone.....

pudding kisses from the far east,

twisted meaygghan

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Jendar said...

i LOVE your blog.

p.s. i also LOVE your new profile picture.