Sunday, June 22, 2008

la blonde choc

when i was studying abroad in paris, there was this great bakery in the same arrondissement as where we had classes. it was called "le gay choc", which you can only imagine means that the people running the bakery was a troup of fabulous gay men wearing striped shirts like you've never seen them worn before.

the only reason why i included the above paragraph was to explain where the title comes from.

my friend kit cat did my hair saturday night, leaking into sunday. she peroxided my hair and we chatted and caught up while i sat in my aunt's tub. the results were fabulous. i went from this....


to this.....


not that i didn't like my hair before, but i was growing ever impaitent with the two-toned mop that comes from roots that are threatening to conquer the borders of the hair color you like. doesn't kit cat do a fabulous job? the night was even better because we gossiped about t.v. shows and men and friends that have seemed to dissappear on us. ahem ahem if you're reading this dood.

this is also a little tribute that i failed to make earlier about a little horse named simba that i briefly knew but dearly loved. rest in peace, simba. i will find you in the hereafter.