Saturday, June 14, 2008

brain leak

a spill of the contents of my brain after the brain has relaxed from stress, stress and some more stress. and because The Mind really loves to chew on problems, in the way that dogs love to chew on bones, the problem that my mind has been chewing on is making sense of this rock song: 29 fingers by the konks.

so, if the band has 29 fingers, 6 of them thumbs, that would leave 23 fingers for the rest of the band. But that number is not perfectly divisible by 8, which would be the remaining number of fingers that the band would have in order to figure out how many hands the band had. Nor is it divisible by four, if you wanted to divide that by four, and then do some other stuff to see how members of the band there were, and ... wait, right? is that line of thinking correct? i was trying to figure it out so much that i even looked the song up on, but no avail. availe? spelling?? the heck?? i could even spell out "w-t-f" the konks, but i find that just about the most tacky thing next to medal-placing olympian athletes sticking their metal in their mouth and biting it to test its quality or something.

furthermore i have been singing in my head my personal love songs to myself: "leggie blonde" by Flight of the Conchords" and "Dead Leaves on Dirty Ground" by the White Strips.

leggie blonde because i am leggie and a blonde and find that song so sweet and pure. and then the white stripes song because it is a sweet love song with a twist of hopeless romantic and a texture of cinema noir and some "greenlight project" feel from some greasy grunge guitar slides. yeah, like i really know what greenlight project means, that's just me grooming my vanity.

note to self: the evening of the day you are married, remember that you want to give your new husband a gift of song lyrics written on a mirror in permanent sharpie.

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