Monday, May 26, 2008

these dreams

i've been known to have some crazy dreams. usually they air on the side of disturbing, but lately they have been so funny that i have actually woken myself up laughing.

for instance, as i was cat napping after a beautiful session of church yesterday, i dreamt that i was back at one of my favorite haunts from my younger youth, ensign ranch in cle elum, washington. and i dreamt that i was back at my old job, which was leading trail rides on tia, the black mare with a cute ant-like face and the attitude of Mz. Thang. tia will only lead trail rides because she hates the amateur riders and she hates being in drag. so, tia is a serious horse, of sorts.

miss tia

so imagine how shocking it would be for me to watch a dream-tia, moments before i was to mount her to lead a trail ride, dart into a corner, and grab a huge, pink-and-white dr. suess-like hat in her mouth, and nudge for me to put it on. i laughed. and i put the hat on her, in my dream. and i laughed and laughed until i realized that the dream wasn't real. so i woke up.

my other dream concerns memories of a guy that i had such a huge crush on in high school, it should have been illegal. the poor kid i think will never be able to look at me in the face due to the embarrasing nature of the monstrousity of such a crush. even now, six years after high school graduation, i blush and laugh at myself in embarrassment.

yet, regardless, there we were in a dream, working together in an office. and i was working diligently on a hand-drawn animation project--(yes, i know, it's the 00'ies, not the 90's and hand-drawn animation projects are all but extinct. yes, i have been listening to a lot of garbage, no doubt, and let's not forget the presidents of the united states in america in the car. i know she's lump, she's lump, she's in my head might be now obnoxious to some of you, but not to ME!! heheheh) --and for some reason we were having a bowling tournament (financial aid office memories, perhaps), i for another reason the office had given me a card. maybe as a farewell card for when i leave the office to go to taiwan? quite possibe.

but either way, i had this card and i was reading it. there were a few messages from other coworkers. but they weren't important, because lo and behold, there is a brief, yet potent message from this former crush, a crush of epic proportions:

"hey friend. just hang in there and be patient. you know i'm still thinking of asking you out."

it took a minute for the message to sink in. in my dream, i looked at him again. and i read the message again. and then dream-meaygghan burst into laughter and the real megan woke up.

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