Tuesday, March 4, 2008

for your consideration

ever wonder what happened to meatloaf? i don't either but i remember seeing parts of this video as a kid in the dentist's chair and being confused and slightly disturbed.

10 years later, still am. more like amused because it is one of those videos that are awesomely bad. like what am i supposed to think of in reference to "but i won't do that?" what is "that?" what, you'll kidnap a girl that is way hot and conceal her in a creepy mansion and elude the police with her, but what are your other moral limits? how is there blood on that glass? what is up with the chick's top?

come to think of it, i think meatloaf is just awesomely bad. who on earth calls themselves meatloaf as a band for mellow hair metal hits? that is so unmetal. that is so awesomely bad.

and can i also say that i'm so glad that there is at least one media entity that makes it a priority to make fun of the presidential horserace but now that snl is letting hilary clinton on and mc, i'm not so sure anymore.

i think skeelo and i are on a similar wavelength.

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Jendar said...

so i'm at work and i was extremely bored. until now.

thanks for bringing a big smile to my face.