Thursday, March 27, 2008


my blog postings used to be full of pictures of parties i had gone to, people i was meeting, etc. i was going out often and i had a pretty awesome life.

when i talk to my mom now, i'm like "last weekend i slept a lot. and i'm really into the tv show lost." and i found these videos on youtube and they hit strangely close to home.

i need to get a life back. i mean, sure there are valid reasons for dissappearing from the social network. and i'm probably making myself out to be lamer than i really am. i hope. yeah? hello? is someone out there? .... hello???

...child-proof rock ballands i sing to my babysitting charge when she wants to get to sleep....

1 comment:

Jendar said...

hello meagy!

i could try to help out with your new blog. i'm still trying to learn how to use my blog, which is the reaosn why i haven't posted anything else for a while. let me know.