Friday, June 1, 2007


i have forgiven. i feel it.

i have changed. i feelt it. since then i've climbed, i've grown, i've set boundaries, i've stretched my comfort zone. and i'm a different woman.

camping left me exhausted but not too exhausted to get dressed up for a pirate party with other salty wenches and celebrate the b-day of pink kid. but that left me so tired i cried the next day, watched a gory yet funny zombie movie with my roommate, and found comfort in her theory that should "shaun of the dead" ever happen in real life, i would be the one in our house to survive, as i am quiet and observant at first, but likely to show my tuff stuff when the tough gets going.

but that left me rejuvinated enough to play ultimate!!! frisbee for like 3 hours the next night and then go dancing the night after that and then boldly assert my business idea while swiftly avoiding a weird ex-date for all about......two hours with a "shit!!!" until confrontation was unavoidable and he is just so weird i'm glad my therapist referred me to books about setting boundaries. icky thump.

and also this week while streaming 1077theend at work on the internet, i heard a song "cannonball" by breeders and remembered how much i liked it and added it on my profile but then looked up the lyrics and decided that was me, like 6 months ago.

huzzah. "heeeeeeey paula." that's what he said.

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