Monday, May 14, 2007

i believe...

1. burger king is the food of the damned.
2. pot is stupid.
3."tag" and "axe" body sprays are the mark of a male brain stuck in Puberty: Phase II.
4. i'd redo college, double major in MFHD and philosophy and minor in anthropology.
5. natural blondes can be just as real, if not more real, as fake brunettes.
6. i'm smart--i've been tested.
7. duh.
8. myspacing is cheaper than texting/calling.
9. apr = suck
10. those who think that brown and black don't go together have either never been to europe, or have never made a friend of me.
11. i am so grateful for my family, my friends, and my faith. i am where i am today because of them.
12. water and women AND men seek their own level. wanna change your (wo)man, your life, your future? first change yourself.
13. a "bitch" is a woman that's in control of her life.
14. ben & jerry's will not relieve sexual frustration, but the treadmill will.

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