Friday, April 13, 2007

"no it's not polygamy--it's abstinence."

ok, let's be honest. i hate the following show:

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it makes my skin crawl. no lie. every time i have the misfortune of seeing moments of an episode at the gym, or the time a few years back when i tried to watch a season, i shuddered. after EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. i went away from the program, i felt depressed and empty. this show is worse than garbage. it's hazardous infectious waste.

why would i make such a bold assertion? it's not in my nature to be so frank and point-blank. well, let's just analyze the bare-bones nature of this story. it's about four women who are middle aged. and, instead of embracing their divine feminine gifts of say, nurturing one man who they're committed to forever, and motherhood, they live like a bunch of lost 20-year-old party girls. splaying your legs open to a man you're not married to who wants to get some ends up being dissapointing, disheartening, and painful enough in young age. but come on, these women are in the late 30s, early 40s! don't you think they would have gotten it by now? i guess they are now just numb to the pain of being chewed up out of wedlock, spitted out, and replaced with someone else.

this show is vile. it perverts the values i believe in, which is proper mature courtship, real masculinaty that encourages men to behave honorably and protect women and children, and two-parent families with a stable mom and dad.

what really gets me about these characters of sex and the skank-town titty-fest city is that they dress and behave like they are 21. they sleep around with little thought, but remorse and angst kicks in when the f'er dissappears or turns out to be dissappointing. well, for sweet divinity's sake woman, what could you possibly expect from a man that could have very well done the whole upper west side? or who, by virtue of his age, you technically could have given birth to?

don't you dare think that this lets those degenerate man-whore characters off the hook. but i'm blaming women this time because men won't do anything that a woman won't let them to. they'll either stop or find another woman that'll allow their pathetic behavior. the bothersome thing is, thanks to shows like this, women across america now think that we all have to give it up before marriage to be considered cool and appealing to men.

please. ladies, those fictional characters are not your role models. don't you get that they're miserable, and you'll be miserable like them if your priorities are your shoes above your virtue? and while we're on the subject of fashion, why is everyone wetting themselves over how these women dress? seriously, is it worth giving up the experience of say, being out with friends, for the experience of sitting on your couch with a tub of ice cream to watch another woman wear malano bahlkins on television? i like fashion just as much as the next girl, if not more so, but i'm smart enough to not have to expose myself to that trash in order to figure out how to dress myself in a flattering manner.


but since i'm not one for posing a problem and offering no solution, i have one. i want everyone to be on the lookout for a show that will be produced by my friends and i and eventually smacked on youtube. it will be called "abstinence and the city." and it will be about young ladies who are on the quest for a good man to commit to for the rest of their lives, and beyond. and who manage to do it while staying chaste.

i think, given our out-of-wedlock-sex-saturated culture, it's pretty witty, fresh and original. don't you?

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