Tuesday, January 24, 2012

for my mister

hi big c. it's your wifey missing you a lot while you at working the night shift. i don't think i tell you enough how proud i am of how hard you work. though sometimes the hours managing the apartment complex on top of your night gig of editing feels like mindless droll on top of pointless conflict, you are slowly making your name in the world's most competitive industry. i think i missed you the most tonight when the previews were showing before my "six feet under" menu came into view and there was a preview for a supernatural series about southern depression-era carnies. complete with a faith healing or two and more than a bit of blood. it looks awesome and i think you'd like it too.

now they're showing griffith park on "six feet under" and we really like that place.

hey, i am super proud of you for editing that short film we saw on sunday and i'm super glad that we stayed to watch it, and i'd like to take back the swear word i muttered under my breath when i heard that your film was going to be last.

now the new boyfriend character on "six feet under" is showing the mom his really horrible, enormous tattoo and i'm really happy that we both laughed out loud when we saw it and had the same reaction of "oh honey no!!!"


miss meaygghan

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