Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the fat bank

i heard about a bank in florida opening up that will allow clients to store their fat removed from lipsuction surgeries. just in case down the road, you decide you want to shoot some of that stuff into your lip or boobs or use it for a hair treatment or something.

of course, i've just seen "fight club" this weekend. i was struck by how the physical act of beating the tar out of their brothers really allowed these angry, blue-collar young men to bond together. they felt a closeness out of releasing their tension of being cogs in a wheel all day at work. of course i am a cog in a wheel, and pissed off at the state of this country so the tone of the film, while quite violent, also struck something of a chord with me.

i read articles about how people my age are fresh out of good colleges with copious amounts of student debt and then are released into a stunted economy. we are a generation that probably will not surpass its parental generation in wealth. the upward trajectory of middle-class america is being trod underfoot like a clumsy giant hurtling its way up a hill. we are battling questions of economic status and are reevaluating what equality means.

so the combination of these elements, the fat bank being a symbol of extreme consumer wastefulness, along with a disgruntled class of low-income people, and all the energy of a highly education, unemployed youth culture, is combining to make something powerful. i hope it's not fight clubs around the nation building bombs in the garages of credit institutions at night. but sometimes, that idea makes a lot more sense than some of the yahoos they've got on the republican presidential candidacy circuit.

chew on this while i pay tribute to the pixies and ask you, "did we learn NOTHING from fight club?"

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