Saturday, January 8, 2011

and into 2011

last year i started a new life by driving to a new city with my new fiance. i got a new job, took public transportation to work, and spent a lot of time thinking about wedding plans, exercise, gay rights, and how soon i could quit my job.

it's another new year. i'm in a new apartment from 2010, but in the same city, still taking public transportation, and happily with the same man. i'm done with weddings but not with figuring out how to exercise with all these other demands on my time. my questions about gay rights have also included new questions about feminism and how to develop my talents, and how to balance all of this as a married lady. i still think about how soon i can quit my job, and i also think about how much i need to be studying my medical terminology course so i can quit my current job and get a new one and hopefully not have to take the bus 2 hours a day.

the courses we set for ourselves don't always work in our own timetables. some women bounce around diets, men, and cities. and i certainly have done my fair share of wandering. but it's a new year, and even though i feel very much the same person: albeit a little chubbier, with longer, darker hair, creative forces have come to my brain and i feel the excitement and pressure of new change just as much as old pressures used to tax me.

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Shan said...

Megs, I'm so glad we're still in touch. Loved our texting convo the other night, even though is wasn't nearly long enough to really catch up. I love reading your blog, and hopefully one of these days I'll get my butt in gear and start writing on mine. Love you!