Sunday, April 5, 2009

new celebrity crush

for some inexplicable reason, i have a crush on SNL player andy samberg. it doesn't make sense to me why. but somewhere in between finding sweet mental relief through "hot rod" and "laser cats" quotes, i dug deeper and the crush bloomed.

and then between viewings #3 and #15, i was hooked. andy samberg, somewhere in seattle there's a tall mormon girl that would love to go on a date with you.


Jendar said...

girl!that guy is sooo cute! i sort of have a crush on him too! i watched Hot Rod three weeks ago for the first time and laughed so hard. is such a silly but incredibly funny movie a la Nacho Libre. he is great. im glad he is your celebrity crush. i totally approve!

Shan said...

Umm, that's amazing!!! And I can totally see why you're crushing on him!