Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You know, even though I'm pretty happy with my life, and things are going really well, there are still those days and times when it's hard to be single, and it's hard to think of reasons to be happy to be single. Like right now, I can only think of 3.
#1. The man in this picture above.

#2. The right sleeve of this dress.
#3. The left sleeve of this dress.

Those are pretty good reasons. Today, it doesn't suck to be single.


Jendar said...

hahaha. this is amazing! you know? i totally know what you mean. i love being single an all. but it does suck sometimes. but im glad you have reminded me how cool being single can be.

p.s. thank for blogging again.

Shan said...

I totally hear you! And I think that now I fully understand how that all is. Glad you're doing well!!