Monday, March 23, 2009

tell me about it

why does this hit so close to home?

i really wish that i could explain this to some of my past dates and potential boyfriends about how i have a difficult time dating outside the church, and it's really not them, they are clearly awesome or else i wouldn't have passed along my digits but boy, we can't be serious and exclusive together until you get serious and exclusive with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

for instance. there was scott of SLC who is one of the kindest, gentlest, dearest people you could ever meet and took care of his dog and his friends like family; walter the passionate latin man who left beatles songs on my voice mail; brian of taiwan who was an excellent kisser, and another boy in seattle i'll not name because i'd still like to be friends with him and it'd embarrass all parties to post his name on here. but he has excellent taste in music and is a great conversationalist.

i guess i haven't been one of those girls who has had lots of opportunities to get serious with LDS men, and so i wonder why some married LDS people complain about their spouses.

early in '08, i was at a date's relative's home and some other relatives stopped over and they dished into this game of "feel my marital pain" where they basically made fun of their spouse in front of the whole company and tried to one-up each other in these complaints.

i was totally baffled and uncomfortable. first of all, you folks are the kinds of people that would stick it in us singles' faces about getting married at 21, and being a certified-byu-couple, then you get married and sealed in the temple and then a few years, some beautiful children, a gorgeous home, church activity, and a stable career later, you start to get disillusioned? huh?

i know it's really wretched and useless to compare lives but i really felt like telling these people--and other whiny married people--this, and then adding, you know, in my soft-spoken voice that i have, i don't know if your bro and i will work out at all, and we're 23 and older than you were when you got married, and i'm kind of panicking over the possibility of many more years of singlehood and celibacy, so could i just humble y'all for a second and say what. the. freak. folks.

my dear you feel me on this one?


Shan said...

Totally and completely!!! And you already know that. Or when recently engaged people start nagging on each other. It's sad. But there's going to be someone truly amazing for us out there! I like you new updated title, PS. :)

Jendar said...

i totally feel this! sooo true. anyway, i have never dated a non lds guy but im sure it has to be super hard. oh, and i love the pic on this post and the new pic on the blog. totally cool leg warmers!