Sunday, November 30, 2008

chinese thanksgiving

despite being a bunch of americans in a foreign country during the western holidays, us foreigners didn't let that get to us and we had a thanksgiving dinner anyway.

we made large volumes of food for our american tradition of thanksgiving. so much food that we couldn't carry it all on the scooters, so we had to take trains and taxis. we had it all: turkey, cosctco pumpkin pie, apple sidra, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salads, even cranberry sauce and jello salad. it was food for the soul and music to my ears to see and hear it all come together

lish & i with our taiwanese friends lester and linda.

the branch president with his two adoreable children.

after the dance, we were invited by the stake's singles ward to participate in a y.s.a. dance. the dj was very anxious to make the party bumpin, so he enlisted our help. we gave him a few song suggestions and he told us all the info. the venue: the chapel. huh? oh, it gets better. the theme: blue jeans. the time: 6:30-9:30pm. i'll let it speak for itself.

the last activity of the night was to crown the night's dancing king and queen. everyone was given a paper heart to stick on who they thought the best dancer was. this investigator won, no hands down, and i got three hearts! i think it was for my spontaneous air guitar performance to the bon jovi song.

yellow & orange hearts, the ms. megan

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