Thursday, August 7, 2008

what's in a name

the chinese have both an english name and a chinese name. we have found, in our adventures, some of the greatest chinglish names known to man: ranked for their originality, boldness, charm, and for also being quirky and just plain awesome.

take, for instance, some of the children that my roommate shannon teaches. she teaches a pair of twins named luke and leia. i'm not making that up. she also has an aragon in the same class. also attending berhan is my student king, and students tiger, zero, and brother and sister dream and sky.

but my alltime favorites are our friends at the bing-sha stand. there is jenna, pictured to the left, and her husband hello kitty, pictured behind her. i'm not making that up. hello kitty gave himself his english name when he was eight.

and then they have the most darling little boy, named trouble. yes, that is his name. i haven't met any trouble that came in a cuter package, have you?

ps you can get a better look at both pictures by clicking on them.

today is the chinese valentine's day.

tomorrow is chinese father's day. the word for eight in chinese is pronounced "bah", so august eight is "bah bah", which is how you actually pronounce father.

and tomorrow the olympics start in china! i would love to go but i doubt i can get the time off, and it is very tricky to get a visa. so another time in my life, perhaps......

loves, meg.

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Connie said...

Oh man. Jenna and Hello Kitty are so awesome. It just makes them that much awesomer that they have a kid named Trouble. ^_^