Saturday, August 23, 2008

we like to party

who likes to rock the party? we like to rock the party!

developing children need breaks in between their long school lessons. by the suggestion of my mother, i give them a few "wiggle breaks" every half hour or forty minutes or so. these kids go buck wild. all they need is a little encouragement from "Here Come the ABCs" or "Dr Jeans Favorites" and they are the life of a ruckus party. Rock stars tearing up hotel rooms don't have a thing on these guys.

below is my ELE class, which is by far my most challenging due to the management of little personalities. below i am teaching them how to properly make the "th" sound in english, which they don't have in chinese. i thought it was pretty cute the first few times i did it, so i wanted to share the fun with the folks from back home.

As we say in Chinese, Ai-yuh!!


Missuh Muay-guhn

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