Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy 4th, 5th, and weekend.

while you guys in the states were celebrating the fourth of july, we were will into july 5th out here in the far east. but that didn't deter my fellow taiwanese-wannabes americans.
so, clearly people don't celebrate the 4th of july in taiwan like they do in the states. saturday we had some time to ourselves, so we had a little celebration: an american movie, "hancock", a dinner of taiwanese-influenced KFC, ice cream, and cooking marshmallows over our stove.

it rained for the first time during our stay in taiwan. and when it rains, it pours!

we have a roof to play on so we took good advantage of that!

and many loads of laundry and several exhilerating trips to the roof to make boisterous raindances, we were rid of a busy week and planning and ready to see a full week of teaching.

megs and the berhan language institute family
p.s. ain't we cute wet?

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Jendar said...

so im currently doing this body cleansing where im supposed to be eating raw vegetables, fruits and protein shakes. i was doing fine until looking at your KFC pic. now im craving it like crazy. greasy chicken...mmmm...thanks meagan!