Tuesday, June 3, 2008

foxy shaZAM

that's the name of a band that i saw with friend d a few weeks ago. the band started to perform and immediately i said to d, "man, i hate it when guys are better at being feminine than i am!!"

but i was surprised by how much i enjoyed the show. and i completely covet the singer's pipes. tonight i was describing the band to my uncle via email:

"They are very indie, edgy, and in some ways, really out there, but they were the best performers that night. These guys just go completely crazy on stage, especially that singer. He is a real lean, lithe, androgynous kid, but he's got some pipes to him! Yowza. These guys take stage diving to another level. The singer, after diving into the audience with his microphone, continued to sing while the crowd held him upright in the air. At another point, he jumped up to grab a random handlebar from the venue's low ceiling and swung his legs up so he was curled up in this crazy ball off of this bar on the air. The guitar player looks like he's giving Jonny Depp's look in "Sweeney Todd" one big nod by copying his hair in it. And there's their keyboard player with a beard like an Orthodox Rabbi.....Not to mention their songs are really high energy and just plain wacky. But all in good fun!"

ladies and gentleman, i present to you .... foxy shazam.

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