Sunday, February 25, 2007

serpents, doves, justice, mercy, cars, keys

friday night i had a great, spontaneous date. i mean, like this date was super fun. i was so happy to learn that dating could be fun again!! and not like pulling teeth or committing yourself to a mental ward! but it had to end early because my car was stolen from the front of my house.

my car was returned to the exact spot where i had parked it at around 2am in the morning. we had a suspect because a kid in my parents' ward had somehow gotten an extra key. as a family, we made an appointment to speak with him while his parents were present.

the experience of confronting him was one of the most spiritually rewarding ones i've ever had. it was so peaceful. the teenager was very sorry and looked striken with grief and remorse. we calmly talked to him about what happened, what could have happened, and that we were glad that he was owning up to this experience. we reached an agreement on some kind of compensation for what happened. the boy shed a few tears, and we all hugged each other. my family left feeling edified, relieved, happy, and spiritually lifted. while we knew that the boy had problems, we also realized that he lead a tough life.

"we need to be wise like serpents, but gentle as doves," is something my mother says frequently, and she reitterated it today.

on the way home, my parents lovingly discussed the hardships that the boy must face that lead him to this action, and their admiration for his taking responsibility. my father remarked how it would be hard for the family to come up with a spare $100 that i had asked for to help pay for car service fees. he then suggested that my mother call the family and have the boy work for us so he could earn it. i heard that and felt that my father must be one of the best disciples of christ that this planet has ever known.

even though i'm missing some tire chains some food, and some change from my car, i still feel like i have been restored. today i sought justice but witnessed mercy. today i wanted vengence but felt peace. thank you god, for giving me this lesson.

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