Sunday, February 4, 2007

my father's daughter

i truley am my father's daughter.

tonight we had a conversation and we spoke about our similar personalities in context of how they tax us at times. my dad and i are detail-oriented perfectionists, goal-setters, and pattern finders. he is an engineer. i am a.....well, i find patterns.

we are non-confrontational. we write, especially when there is something really deep that is difficult to say, we craft letters to expose our minds and our hearts. the written word is the diplomatic realm that is difficult to refute or hurt feelings with. we avoid in-your-face discussions but we'll gladly think about our feelings and pen them in a polite manner.

we read. when we want to learn something or improve ourselves we buy a book about the subject. my parents own scads of books: every room in the house has some kind of book containment system, save the kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms. but even in the bathrooms magazines and books are easily found.

we analyze. when i was in my younger years i sped through the "american girls" book series, so to slow my pace dad started having me write book reports. by the time i reached fourth grade i was familiar with terms such as symbolism, character development, and plot climax.

we're workhorses. my dad works long hours for his job, his calling, and manages to find time to train himself for half-marathons. i'm always on the lookout for better work opportunities.

my father is a damn fine one and i'm lucky that he's been the patriach of my life.

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