Tuesday, February 20, 2007


DOB, or in other words, Day of Observation. i am invited back for a second interview with this marketing group. you know, the one where i thought i had royally blown it and topped off that experience with a nice little meltdown. oy me.

so DOB, i am told, is a day where i shadow some employees. i get to see what the work is like, and they get to see if i would be a good fit. in the first interview, i am told by sharp-rapid-fire-speech-goateed-dude that their company handles extra merchandise from professional sports teams. not exactly right up my ally, but sounds interesting nontheless. he also mentions something about working 50-60 hours a week for the first year. holy cow, i think. that's a lot of hours. but maybe it'll be a good way to pay off credit card debt.

so here i am again, at 9am in this lobby, where the TV has been happily replaced by a radio. three candidates sit in various places. all female. one chats with the secretary. one, an asian woman with a nose ring and bright red highlights, flips through a magazine. i stare at the clock and the cover of rolling stone opposite wall of me and try not to let the lyrics of the song that's playing bother me.

she put dat sugar on my tongue.... is my ambiant music while i nervously shake my foot and watch the current employees open doors, walk across the lobby, smile at us, and then close the door to another room. many employees have bottles of volt glued to their hands. the secretary explains with a laugh, "we live by energy drinks here."

that would explain the nervous energy so thick you could cut it with a knife.

the clock ticks. 9:15. 9:20. i wonder and wonder. i knew going into this that i probably wasn't going to be impressed, but do i stick around and give them more time? i've been committed to this for the whole day but frankly, i'm doubly unsure about this. 9:25. i decide to give them three more minutes, then i was walking away.


another smarly dressed man approaches me with a sincere grin, shakes my hand, and leads to me a room to introduce me to the person i'll be shadowing.

looks like i'm staying.

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