Wednesday, February 21, 2007

black and white

a few weeks ago i wore all black to my friend juli's wedding reception.

i wore it more out of the party that i was hosting for the single people after the reception was over, you know like at 9pm when the bride and groom were to hussle off to their respectful places of wedding-night-ness, and the single people are all watching the couple dance and toast and eat cake and are all like, secretely lonely and smiling through clenched teeth but are thinking holySHITi'msoreadytobemarried,stopdatinglosers,havefreakinggreathonestSEXalready!!!!!!!

nothing screams "aaaaaaarg!!!!!! wedding!!!!!" like a black pantsuit at the wedding reception of a young woman you manned biffies for when y'all were like, 16 and at girls' camp.

sigh. luckily help has arrived and kicked in.

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